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FIM Object Visualizer

The FIM Object Visualizer (FIMOV) is a tool to create reports of various configurations such as:

  • FIM active metaverse schema configuration
  • Attribute flow precedence configuration
  • Management policy rules
  • Synchronization rules
  • Workflows
  • FIM management agent schema configuration
  • Management agent configuration
  • Metaverse Schema
  • Replication Configuration

To render these objects, the tool needs a XML data drop file from your FIM server.
You can create this drop file by either clicking Get Data in the Data menu or by manually running a PowerShell script on your FIM server.
If you want to use FIMOV to retrieve the data, you must set the execution policy on your FIM server to Unrestricted before and run the tool on it.

If you want to retrieve the data by using a PowerShell script, you get use the PowerShell script code that is included in FIMOV.
To display the related PowerShell script code, click PowerShell Script in the Settings menu.

The name of the data file must be Data.xml and it must be located in the Res\Data folder.
You can open data folder by clicking Open Data Folder in the Data menu.

There is no need to run the tool on a FIM computer if you just want to render data.

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arm123 Jun 11, 2014 at 5:02 PM 
When I run Data > Get Data, PowerShell says "Retrieving object definitions... Total base objects: 165
0% complete" and stays that way indefinitely. I set my execution policy to Unrestricted. What am I doing wrong?